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APN Outdoor Scheme of Arrangement with JCDecaux SA

If you were a shareholder of APN Outdoor Group Limited and have questions about your holding or Scheme Consideration following the delisting of the Company from the Australian Securities Exchange on 1 November 2018, please contact Link Market Services Limited on 1300 554 474 or +61 1300 554 474 or

More information on the Scheme of Arrangement as well as historical ASX announcements can be obtained here.

APN Outdoor Group Limited – Scheme of Arrangement and payment of Special Dividend

Shareholders should seek their own independent professional advice about the taxation consequences of the Scheme. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) Class Order relating to the Scheme can be found following the link provided below.

Please also refer to section 7 of the APN Outdoor Scheme Booklet which includes a summary example of the tax implications on page 50.


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JCDecaux Scheme of Arrangement

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